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i really believe that friends are born, not made. i spent 18 years with several people who have now moved on to marriage and babies and i don't even know the name of their now three-year-old. and there are others i have only known for months who are the keepers of my secrets and the keys that unlock places in me that even i didn't know about.

i don't think i've always known this.

in fact, i'm pretty sure that i thought i could go anywhere and just form friendships that are deep. like build-a-soulmate. but i don't think that anymore. maybe this is a death-statement, but right now i believe there are some in my life who can never be subsituted for a close match across the country or the world. why would i want to replace you? since we can only be in one place at one time, i choose the place where you are, the place where we all understand together that friendship isn't easy or easily found.


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