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we were talking today about how none of us have written for a while, so i thought i would... i just feel alot of pressure when i write sometimes, like everything that comes off my fingers has to be dripping with eloquence. or intelligence. or at the very least, wisdom even if i have not taken the time to package it well.

but sometimes i have no beautiful words to write. sometimes i am just tired.

graduation is around the corner. i still don't know what it will feel like to walk down that aisle knowing that i have finished college. honestly, i think the feeling will hit me when i finish my last final and it really is "final" instead of just the middle or beginning. i look forward to that moment but always wonder if it will leave me with a tremendous feeling of purposelesness. what was i made to do? we all educate ourselves, but for what end? will the steps i walk be worth following? how would i sum up college? how is it that i am in a position now to do that?

oh, Time, you move too quickly! may i please drag my finger on the globe to make it spin a little slower?


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