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we've all heard it. switchfoot sang it, and it's a good thing they did. that song has been inspiring this generation for the past few years. i'm not sure it's made a huge difference in people's plans, but it sure has been a powerful background song in mission trip slideshows throughout churches across the country.

see that's the problem; we're all in church. actually, that's not the problem. the real problem is that we're all at work. i'm at work right now. it's 5:00 so i don't feel guilty writing this post, but i would have fifteen minutes ago. that's because my hours of bondage are from 8-5, with one glorious hour of freedom in the middle.

and that's why i call it the problem. i was thinking a few days ago that i used to be so critical of my american peers and especially those older than us. they aren't involved in many ministries; they don't give their time to missions; they aren't doing enough things that actually matter. and i know i've heard plenty of sermons to make me think i was right. get off your butts, america, says the pastor. do something with yourself, church. don't waste your time.

and the other day i had a sort of revelation. just what time do you mean, pastor? when exactly is the church supposed to be getting mobilized? during their lunch hour?

yes, that's a very good idea. i mean, it really is one of the only times of the day they have free.

see the problem isn't the church, it's the culture. the culture has taken away all time from people, who are the church, so there isn't room to move even if they wanted to.

"we were meant to live for so much more..."

i think that more is not doing more things in free time but actually being more free with time. america, unshackle yourself! take back your forty hours!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. I often consider it a waste that we must spend all our times working at meaningless jobs so that we may then purchase meaningless goods and services from other people who have meaningless jobs. The Lion King talks about a "Circle of Life," but this, although most certainly a circle, is not a continuation of life; it's a perpetuation of consumerism and commercialism.

By the way, keep posting. I read and am inspired by what you have to say.

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