:: vilanelle

i'm in a poetry class, which means i have to write, inspired or uninspired. it's good for me. discipline is good for me.

so i learned about this form, a villanelle. it has a really prescribed rhyming scheme, meaning that certain lines HAVE to end with certain words.


On a simple summer day
I took my worms and took my pail;
I traveled my familiar way
But blazed a brand-new barefoot trail
So no one knew I’d come that way.
I wanted to escape the fray
To see the progress of a snail
As I sat silent on this day.

The reeds bend down as if to pray;
Light leaves float down and start to sail
As wind and current point the way.
Suddenly my string pulls taut to say
My patient pastime did not fail
The way that it did yesterday –
With darkness and an empty pail I walk away.


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