:: sacrifice ::

thoughts from chapel:

i don't think i understand the giving of a life. no one alive on this earth understands the gravity of that kind of sacrifice. everyone who does has not lived to tell about it, so we talk of sacrifice so flippantly. we talk about death or wanting to be done, but would never really go through with it. we could not pull the trigger on our own lives, we could not lie there silently and let someone nail us down.

so i was thinking about sacrifice in terms i understand...

it's like not taking the biggest piece of cake, or not having cake at all.

like letting me take the winning shot, like sitting on the bench and cheering most of all for me.

like letting someone think it was all my idea when really you came up with it.

like letting me have the bed and sleeping on the floor, or walking me out to my car when you're wearing sandals and it's cold.

like giving me a car you know i'll crash every time i drive it, and fixing it when i do.

like letting me live instead of You, even though You know You lived it so much better than i ever do.


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