:: why mk's fall away ::

It's not about missionary kids. It's not even about "ministry kids" in general; it's the principle of hardened hearts.

Missionary kids say they don't know who they are. They want an identity. They don't want anyone to tell them who they are or what they're supposed to do.

That's the problem. That's exactly what Christ does, what Christianity is: Jesus wants to take over our lives. He wants us to be completely different than we were when we faced our sin and accepted His payment. He wants to be our guide, the one who teaches us how to live. And that's the last thing an MK wants. If they don't accept Christ's lordship, don't believe He ought to rule, then their entire lives are lived under the dictatorship of Christ - rules of the Bible imposed by godly parents.

Year after year, their hearts harden. If they are not yielded, they rebel against this authority who wants to take their lives. They hate the rules, hate the idea of losing themselves, hate God.

And we watch and say - "they have fallen away." No, they just finally got to make their choice.


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