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Somehow it is July, and the only words I've written in ink on paper have been in a woman's hospital chart. I am a student nurse. I'm tired. I'm happy.

David is in his first week of his first rotation: Internal Medicine. He loves it and is attacking it with the vigor of a climber on the first day as they set out from base camp at Mt. Everest. There's nothing but confidence in that moment -- and excitement, which will hopefully be enough to sustain even the weariest one on the most challenging day. He will conquer.

And although I'm to be writing a ten page patient assessment (or rather, because of this), my mind is brimming full of opening sentences for books without faces, without plots. I want to write even fiction when a health history is the alternative. Please -- someone make me write a poem or thought-provoking opening paragraph to an essay! Instead of dying, it would seem my creative side is a phoenix rising.


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