:: August 7 ::

So I'm somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, about an hour from Taipei, flanked by two of the greatest, also most fantastically bored, nieces. I love these kids. Even when Ellise doesn't stop asking questions and Kaela says she needs to go potty in ten minute intervals (and doesn't -- she just wants to walk down the aisle).

Ellise has taken a huge interest in the safety information card in her seat pocket. I think she knows every airline procedure for a water landing, down to taking off her high-heeled shoes before sliding down the inflatable ramp.

When the girls were sleeping, I was thinking about what I'd do if the plane really did crash in the water and I was trying to save them. It just seemed so obvious that I would rather die myself than left one of them suffer or drown. I love them.

And I wondered if this is what it might feel like to have my own kids someday.


Blogger Andi-n-Rio said...

I don't have kids either... but I love the feeling when a little kids throws their arms around your neck in a spontaneous hug.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Buttercup said...

I love watching you with your nieces and hearing you talk about them. You light up when you tell stories about them. It is SO sweet to see. I like how you wear your heart on your sleeve - especially when it comes to people you love. :)

11:54 PM  

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