:: july 31 ::

On this very last day of July, I am actually in bed with plans to sleep, and it's just after 11. I have not been getting enough sleep. I am tired, tired, tired, and ready for a vacation. Fortunately, that vacation is just 3 work days away from me. I love you, Bali. I just wish David was coming too.

Speaking of David, he is wonderful. I don't use that word lightly, either. He is my quiet in the middle of a crazy life, or my laugh when everything is going dark. He is so kind and generous and hopeful. He thinks I'm beautiful, too, says he forgets and then stares at me in wonder when he's reminded. It's really like being a princess, only instead of a whole country of devoted peasants I just have one adoring subject. He's my favorite subject, too, comes up in all sorts of odd conversations. And the magnificent part is, I don't even feel badly bringing him up. It's like I'm supposed to. (I guess I am.)


Blogger Buttercup said...

That is beautiful. I love how you write.

2:59 AM  

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