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Some nice person left me a comment today, and now I feel like a writer again. Thank you, Nice Person. Writing is what was supposed to be happening in between everything else, and really, because of everything else I'm chasing after. Incidentally, there has been quite a bit of chasing and not much documentation at all. I've hardly written a word. It's almost as if none of it ever happened. So for record's sake, this little post will be the first page in old library books, stamped with just the essential information. Most people will skip over it; a few will find it fascinating that no one at all checked it out for two solid years and then three different people read the book in a month. I'm writing this for the latter.

  • I started nursing school. I did it. Or rather, WE did. All of us. Everyone who told me I'd make a great nurse. All of the sick people in Gerai who let me see firsthand what suffering comes when no one knows how to sterilize or bandage. And the crazy poet who never stopped talking. Maybe her most of all.
  • We planted a garden. Spinach, peas, carrots, kale, swiss chard. I'm most proud of the swiss chard because it is pink. Turns out I like pink things, even leafy pink vegetables. It will make the prettiest salad.
  • I've been married for five months. Five! Someone asked me today what I thought the purpose of marriage is, if it's to have children and populate the world or if there's something deeper going on. I'd have to say, at this five month mark, there's been no earth-populating and yet I know we're not stagnant. We're busy figuring out how to speak the same English. What "now" and "later" and "on time" mean. How to be nice when it's 88 degrees and the electrician still hasn't come to put in the ceiling fan.
  • I am in bed by 11 now. Most of the time. Sometimes even 10:30!
  • I started a book about third culture kids today. Although I've known about this book for a while, and even talked about it at length with a stranger in the Jakarta airport last summer, reading it for myself today made me teary-eyed. In a happy way. It's nice to be re-reminded that I'm not alone, not half as weird as I feel, and every bit as important as that Nice Person made me feel.
The end. (for now)


Blogger Mama V said...

I'd like to think that I am in that last category :) One of those who...finally happens upon your blog after all these years... knowing it was out there somewhere, but not sure how to access it... and now, I am addicted. ;) Keep writing. I absolutely love it. I know I've said it before, but you really do write what my heart often feels and that which I have such a hard time putting into words. You DO have a gift... never doubt that!...Oh, and welcome to the pink lovers club! Teehee! Oh to eat a pink salad! I think that might be motivation enough for me to eat healthy!!! We'll see! :) xo

11:32 PM  
Blogger Eric Alder said...

Write for yourself - eventually someone will notice.

12:28 PM  
Blogger sarah b. said...

You're BACK!

11:16 PM  
Blogger Christigine said...

Whoever the nice person was surely has cause to compliment you. You are great!

10:02 PM  
Anonymous FONTY said...

keep up the good work!
cheers 0_0

5:44 AM  
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