Last night I packed the scent of America into my suitcases. I didn't mean to, but I know it's there. It always is. I always smelled it in packages, glorious packages, from friends in the States. Now I am the "friend in the States," and I hope I come through.

So goodbye for a little while, America. I'll be back, and maybe then I'll be able to smell you again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, basically, I too have become a frequent reader of thine thoughts, Miss Gervasi. I have always been a huge fan, but now it's big time! :) I agree with what you said about the internet trend peeps joining with the menu committee, but thank God for online journals (my way of avoiding using the word "blog",
I'm not gonna lie)! I used to read from your journal in chapels, but now I can read them in Tennessee, and Colorado, and basically anywhere! YES!!! :) I'm glad you're you and I'm me... I get to enjoy what God has given you, and I love it!

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