I've never driven so slowly down La Cresta. My good virtue -- and the CHP who was right behind me -- had me driving the speed limit the entire way. Even in that one section where it changes from 55 to 45 for no good reason.

So I was thinking about the ethics of that, of my good driving when someone's watching and my usual quick trip down the hill when law enforcement is absent. Is this one of those moral ambiguities or am I the only one seeing gray when it's clearly black-and-white?

A friend from ye olde college days made the comment recently that I'm not as easy to rile now that I've become more open-minded. I didn't realize that had happened, and I'm really not sure if that's growth or shrinkage. He said I always knew what I thought was right, even if I was dead wrong, and that was refreshing compared to the general apathy in our ethics class. But I don't want to blend into the general mess of conjecture about right and wrong. I may be open-minded but I still believe in objective truth.

And I think tomorrow it will take me 20 minutes instead of 15 to get to Jamul.


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