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I'm sitting in a baccalaureate, looking at the backs of high school heads. They're all walking through what I did nine years ago, but I feel like we're walking together. The winds of change are blowing -- they're tousling my hair. And it might not be my day, but it's my graduation too. I'm leaving so may things behind, learning to live without alot I thought I needed, learning to stand on steadier legs. I am ready for what comes. I am just ready, inside.

"History will look favorably upon me,
for I intend to write it. " Winston Churchill


Blogger sarah b. said...

Mandy. I'm envisioning your wedding day, and the words you've expressed about this baccalaureate experience have struck me as what we will all feel to celebrate your marriage with you. Walking with you... winds of change... yes. There have been so many adventures in knowing you, and I know that some of those times you were wondering how much deeper life would have felt to have adventured with the love of your life. But soon, you can start knowing and stop wondering. We're thrilled for you. Can't wait to participate in that day as spec in that whole cloud of friends & witnesses...

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