:: 2007 ::

In 2007 I learned:

  • When I don't know where to go, I stop moving.
  • I thrive on encouragement.
  • Motherhood is not a bit like aunthood, and I am only good at the latter.
  • Above all I am selfish, and emotions make me more so. I am a much better friend when there are no boys around.
  • Wounds heal, but sometimes they leave a scar.
  • Decisions that I mean to last a lifetime end the day I stop choosing them.
  • I can save money -- I just have to not spend it.
  • Time is a faithful instructor.
  • Marriage is what happens when two people spend all their time together.
  • My $100 jeans are no better than my $12 ones. In fact, I think I like the cheap ones better.


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