:: dear winter, ::

If you weren't so dreary, I think I'd like you better. I do love wearing sweaters, and scarves, and having a good reason to stay inside and drink hot things. But maybe you should consider sprucing yourself up a bit, maybe work on being a little brighter. No one wants a cold front at their party, and it's a bit of a disappointment to work all day and find there's no day left to drive away in. So all I'm saying is, if you plan on staying, do you think you could lighten up a little?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear mandy,
I was just in Philadelphia. Don't you dare try to call a San Diego winter dreary! Have you any idea what is like when all the grass is brown and all the trees are grey sticks just a few shades darker than the colorless sky and it is 18degrees outside. Now that is dreary! Hope to see you for our book discussion on Saturday! Gail

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