:: like a bran breakfast muffin ::

One of the advantages of being female is that gatherings of ladies usually include food: delicious, homemade food.  I like this very much, so I was duly pleased when I saw the snack table this morning at our Bible study.  Until I got closer and saw that the dark brown muffins were bran.  Bran, as we all know, tastes very much like Grape Nuts, which taste very much like gravel.  I was disappointed.  Not one to pass up delicious homemade food, though, I took one.  

And I wish I would've taken two because these were not bran muffins, they were chocolate chip bran muffins.  Scrumptious.  What if I had passed it up?  So I'm looking for the chocolate chips in the bran today, and I've smiled alot along the way.  


Anonymous you know... said...

oh mandy anne YOU make me smile! :)

10:50 AM  

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