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There's so much involved in living. In some moments I see (or think I see) that I am a player, a character. That I am small, but not like a marionette with no choices. Small like a mouse caught in a maze but there's really no wrong direction. It's just turning and dead ends -- then soaring hope when it seems I made the right turn. But all along all they're looking at is the pace of my steps and the strength of my gait.

It isn't unfair, it's just a puzzle with no box to go off of. So right now what looks like a forest might end up being just a few trees standing huddled together in the middle of an open field. And I see deep shadows but the darkest ones are always from the brightest suns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

praise report that you finally posted again...i check this, um... a lot- because i love mandy's words!


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