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Wondering at the wonder of words, how CS Lewis has become my mentor these last hours. How I, mortal, can see for a moment the stamp of the deity in whose image I am made. I feel like a god in this realm, given earth to subdue. How the animals and rivers and skies must wonder when I walk crest-fallen, I who am placed far above these in both value and authority. A tree cannot cut me down, a river cannot ford me, skies cannot hold me.

And I wish in this moment that the books written in my mind could be transcribed on an unfurling scroll. I live lives there. This is just a postcard, not the journey. I wish I could take you with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay mandy- i'm ready for another posting- keep 'em coming!!!



9:06 PM  
Blogger Digs said...

this book was one of my favorites in college!!!

the climax, for me, was when she was on a rampage reading and reading and reading herself into a frezy. and then it seized her. she had to let go before she was able to move on.

8:00 PM  

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