:: ram in the thicket ::

Animists live in fear of the spirit world, but do their best to appease their heartless gods. They also try to fool them, giving broken offerings and trinkets instead of treasures. I remember watching animistic funeral processions, caskets laden with broken cassette players and worn-out clothing; after all, how will the dead know any difference?

I think I do the same with God. I tend to hoist things on the altar that don't matter much to me. Take this minor item and I'll even throw in a pointless hour or two of selfish service.

But God is not dead or blind like the gods of the broken cassette players. He wants me to give a sacrifice of my first-fruits, my Isaac.

So with trembling hands I placed mine on the altar. With much negotiation and bargaining but with obedience I left it there, ready to do what I needed to: kill it.

And at the very last moment, after goodbyes were over, I spotted the ram in the thicket.


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