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Well, I guess I'm a real photographer now. I just got a call from the Longs photo department saying they wouldn't print my pictures because they look "professional." I have to go in tomorrow and prove I took them before they'll print. I suppose that's an inconvenience, but one that comes with a nice little pat on the back. Thanks, Longs.


Blogger beejis said...

Nicely done! Glad to hear you are that good. What does 'look professional' mean? That the pictures are just that good? Here is another pat on the back for you.


11:05 AM  
Blogger :: mandy :: said...

I'm not sure how they determine professional vs. novice. Maybe it was the "Gervasi Photography" watermark plastered all across the pictures?


12:51 PM  
Anonymous Paula said...

haha, that's awesome Gervs!

9:48 PM  

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