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I love it. Especially Cadbury, or European hazelnut-filled chocolate.

Tonight I was over at a friend's house for a quick dinner before going back to church. Right before I left, I went to the living room to grab my shoes and saw the candy bowl: Hershey's miniatures. "Quick dinner" didn't include dessert, so I decided I could throw a few in my purse without making any hostesses feel like they hadn't done their job well enough. And I'd have my chocolate.

So I did. I took a Krackel bar, because those are the best, and started to leave. But I didn't make it through the kitchen before the hostess, generous, went to the freezer and: behold! The giant bag of Hersheys miniatures that fills up the bowl in the living room. She made me take a handful, at least eight or nine, and I left thinking:

I think that's what God does. I pool my resources in my best efforts at getting by, and He's around the corner ready to dump the whole bag of Hershey's miniatures into my purse.


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