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I love when it rains. Especially this time of year, I'm always hoping for a torrential downpour. There just haven't been any yet.

But tonight. Tonight, after feasting on the usual Thanksgiving items at a potluck, we made sandwiches from the leftovers and packed brown sack lunches to take downtown. There were four cars of us, probably about 12 people. It took less than two hours of our comfortable little Sunday night to give away all of the sandwiches and bottles of water. We stopped at every blanket on the sidewalk, sometimes waking people up. It was getting cold so they were all bundled up, and grateful.

One man I talked to had set up his bed a few feet from the dumpster, in the parking lot behind some kind of grocery store. I asked him if he was warm enough and he said he just hoped it wasn't going to rain. If it did, he'd have to walk over to the gas station to stay dry.

I still love the rain, but tonight I'm hoping it doesn't. No torrential downpours, please. Not tonight.


Blogger gailbones said...

I am inspired. Glad you wrote about it.

5:22 PM  

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