I got stuck in the snow today. Really, really stuck. Two other girls were with me in what was a highly unsuccessful attempt to cut across (through trees and untouched snow) from one run to another. It seemed like it would work, and in retrospect I guees it did. We got to the other run: it's just that most of getting there involved crawling on hands and knees to avoid sinking into the powder. I've never sweat so much in the snow. By the time I got up to the other side, I think I was a much better snowboarder. I appreciated standing up so much more than I had earlier in the day. I was pretty much grateful for everything, including, but not limited to: gloves, warm socks, people to share experiences with, shade when it's hot, finishing.


Blogger thesmallblondeone said...

Yeah, I gave her those gloves (with our other roomie, of course). It seems they are serving their purpose well.

P.S.-- It's so lonely at home!!!!

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