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Last week I was given about 100 or so checks that need to be deposited, receipted, and thanked. That's what I do. I make sure donors are tracked and thanked. Anyways, I hate data entry. I don't really care if the sheet balances in the end; I just want the paper to have a nice watermark or some creative little flair on the edge.

But I'm improving. See, ever since I was little, I've always watched the flying fingers of cashiers and envied their number-punching prowess. If only I could be like that. For that reason, the goal took up residence on my Master To-Do List (however close to the bottom), and I can now check it off. Yes, I am now Number Queen. All of those checks and their accompanying addresses and phone numbers (a phone number: Yes! Ten more numbers to practice!) have made me quite savvy. Try me. 29,028 ft. 25,000 mi. 5280 ft. 619-590-1750. I'm quick.


Blogger beloved said...

Funny, numbers aren't even on my Master To-Do List, unless you count "Memorize Multiplication Tables" which is so far down on my list that it really doesn't have a ranking. Definitely not a top 10, more like a bottom-feeding 751, followed only by things such as "Learn to Like Brussel Sprouts" and "Achieve Gainful Occupation as Geriatric Nurse (Translation: Wiper-Of-Very-Old-Posteriors)".

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