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I discovered somewhere in this past month that I really like Rocky Road ice cream. As I pulled out the carton to indulge tonight, I was wondering why I'd never really had it before now. Then I remembered that one deformed character in the Goonies, the one who really liked Rocky Road. I think that's what ruined it for me. I didn't want to be like him.

This week, I tried to read a person's account of the abuse they endured as a battered wife. I wanted to; I coudn't. It was too graphic. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to forget. I would never be like her.

Fortunately for my growth as a person, my mind doesn't let these things go. I kept thinking about that woman, and the more I thought about her the more I wanted to care enough to feel even the tiniest measure of her pain. Something in us (or is it just me?) tells us to shield away pain. But I want to identify. Eating Rocky Road ice cream doesn't turn me into that monster-character, but I understand now why he liked it.

And if I did become like them, or at least shared in the discomfort, would that be the worst thing that could happen? Jesus became like me, weak like me. He has set the ultimate example. Teach me, Lord.


Blogger beloved said...

I loved him...
He was deformed, but he was sweet.

7:40 AM  

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