:: on the road again ::

I must look honest as I have been left so far today to watch people's bags, computers, and (right now) an iPhone.  

I always say this when I'm traveling and thus must say now: I love traveling!  I love meeting people and hearing what they're going to do (one lady is headed to Singapore to set up payroll for a brand new casino; a guy who manages a Bubba Gump's on the east coast is going to Malaysia to open one there).  I love hearing languages I don't understand spoken in little waiting room bunches, mostly families, often arguing.  

The iPhone guy just came back.  He tells me I'm a novelty here because I'm in a room full of brown people (I'm in Taipei).  I hadn't noticed the staring, but in this moment they might be noticing more than my fair skin.  They might, for example, be wondering why I smell like everything the Duty Free store sells (**note to those who have traveled with me before: I just made my usual stop there for face and fragrance renewal**).  

And I would muse some more but the waiting room seats just cleared and a line appeared in front of me.  Apparently, it's time to board.  


Blogger ~Rea~ said...

yay! i found your blog! i love it! i love your writing! i think i love you too! lol, i know that sounded weird but i've grown to really enjoy you mandy. we should hang out...outside of church events ya know? ok well, you've inspired me to create my own blog again. i had one a long time ago but i made a new one. i hope indo is treating you well...

8:40 PM  
Blogger Brittany said...

hey friend. can you send me your address? email it to me at blkeener@liberty.edu

1:29 PM  

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