I'm not sure which part of my mind this came from, but here it is. Attached, I'm sure, to real-time thoughts but not to any real conversation.

Let yourself in, the door is open. I was hoping
you'd stop by. I can't say why I thought
you might (then you'd know I've thought about you
in a multitude of ways of which this
one is just a small representation). Ahem.
Collecting myself, I pour you tea. Dear me,
it is so lovely that you came today.
How is it that you found your way?
It is so far and you came all alone --
Oh, just the fireworks and the neon sign?
The searchlights worked this time? And
all along I'd figured I was living among
deaf and blind. (Why else would they
not come? Why else would I be all
So make yourself at home while I
decide which perfectly-made bed might
suit you. If, that is, you plan to
spend your life, I mean, the night here.


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