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They're worth a thousand words, as the cliche goes, but it still needs to be the right picture. Some books are full of words I'm not interested in reading, and lots of pictures don't express anything I'm thinking. Tonight I feel like I would listen to classical music and say, "Yes! That's just what I was thinking!" Or walk through a gallery and find myself in front of a painting that with light and color and image reflects the very thoughts I'm feeling.

But I have neither music nor paintings to express with me right now, and words seem to be failing too. But let me try... let me try to bottle the joy that comes from seeing one of my favorite people after almost three months of only talking... mix that with the barely-tall-enough-to-see-over-my-own-selfishness humbling that happens when I realize people love me with no good reason to... added to a homesickness that's been building through 24 years of wandering and wondering not where but if there is home at all... topped with grace as the never-setting sun that lights my day...

I'd have to say I'm smiling. And if smiling was a color, I'd paint my room with it.


Blogger JamesP said...

Bottle up some of that "smiling" and send it to Gulu, if you would. I think it would look great in my friend's hut.

5:12 AM  
Blogger :: mandy :: said...

I'm on it...

1:24 PM  
Blogger Analyst Catalyst said...

"...if smiling was a color, I'd paint my room with it."


11:01 AM  

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