:: goodbye, bali ::

A baby is screaming. We haven't even taken off yet and this kid is fighting himself into a stupor. Why do his parents let him? Or is it not a matter of letting? All I know is, I am ready to fashion a muzzle for the screaming thing.

A man was sitting in my seat when I boarded. He didn't even give me the choice to let him stay -- just stayed sitting there. Told me in broken English, "I'm travel with my family." I suppose I wouldn't want to be in a row with a mom & two kids. Plus, they're directly behind The Screamer. So I walked away from my glorious aisle seat to find his replacement: naturally, the middle seat in the middle of the plane. Perfect.

A really boring documentary about the music of Johann Strauss is playing as people jockey for space in the overhead compartments. I don't know why they put the least interesting shows on when people have no choice of watching or not. I guess it could have a wide audience since everyone is probably equally bored by it.


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