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I'm waiting for them to invent a roller coaster that ends way up high. So far all I've seen are the kind that take you up, up, around, and then back down. Life seems to do the same.

It's not that I'm low, but I can't live in the atmosphere. The air is too thin there, like sucking on helium. It's great fun for a while, but it just wouldn't do to sound like Mickey Mouse all the time.

So right now I'm appreciating shadows and hushed voices, because they make light and laughter what they are: bright. I wouldn't even notice the stars if they weren't pushing their way through pitch darkness.


Blogger Danny and Tonita said...

I found you, and I have to say that I've spent the early part of my morning spying on you! (Tonita, here just in case "spying" was too strong of a word!)So I was looking at your pictures, and you blogs, and Cori's of course. I must say Miss Gervasi, that I am impressed with pictures, your words and person that God is molding even at this moment!I'm so glad that we HAD to see you last night and you are welcome at our home anytime, and I do mean any!! Love you~Tonita:)

8:32 AM  
Blogger gailbones said...

Mandy- thanks for using my image!
Of course I still am left wondering, but then that is what you want!
I like your image about the roller coaster. It made me imagine a reverse ferris wheel called The Inferno desiged to be a sort of a cautionary tale at a "Christian" theme park. Entry is at ground level and then you circle down descend into a darkened pit, where you realize the horrors of hell and emerge back up on top with restored enthusiasm for witnessing, or living a holy life if you are of the salvation -can be- lost brand of Christianity.How is that for taking an idea and twisting it bizarrely?

Hey, email me. I am having some problems posting pictures on my blog and I thought you might know what the problem is. It worked a few times and then stopped. I was able to post a pic from my computer at work, so it has to be something to do with this computer. I allowed this site on my pop-up blocker and cleared out cookies and files and now I am stumped.
Mama Bones

5:24 PM  
Blogger gailbones said...

Re. my last comment:Lesson learned. Humbling accomplished. Repentance. Sackcloth, ashes, etc.
Apparently my mental editor was out at Starbucks when I decided to share what popped into my mind- what seemed funny at the time does not seem funny to me now by light of day and I am in a certain kind of agony, wishing I had never recorded what I was thinking. New to blogging,caught up in the creative rush of writing, I somehow forgot I wasn't making a private remark, but a public one.Hours later, laying abed, tossing, turning, realizing that what seemed at the time like a witticism could be very offensive when not taken in context, when not accompanied by a certain vocal tone or a look in the eye that a friend would catch and forgive the perp for some gallows humor. There may or may not be a way to delete my comment, but it is a lesson learned. In life you never really can delete your comments; although you can ask forgiveness, those words can remain posted in someone else's mind whether they want them to be there or not. The Scripture reminds us, " Be slow to speak-.." and I would imagine that would apply. You might have to be quick to catch those lightning thoughts, but you should be slow to hit publish. Mea Culpa

7:52 AM  

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